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She looked around her house. All was perfect. Just the way she wanted.

Her husband slumped dead over his dinner.

She knew she would get acquitted. Battered-woman syndrome. Her ticket to freedom. Her ticket to escape his clutches.

With money.

It didn’t matter if it wasn’t true.

She wasn’t an award-winning actress for no reason.

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(c) Sanch Vee @ Sanch Writes (30 April 2010)

63 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Sam Liu says:

    Wow…that was marvellous, brief, yet very powerful, I could see that woman as she she snook away into the night. Brilliant! 😀

  2. Psych Babbler says:

    Just to add to that…I’ve been going for this creative writing class and I find that all the themes I come up with include psychology! I need to get a life beyond my work sometimes I think…but then I think that it’s an area I know quite well and maybe that’s why it pops up so often! =P

  3. ItsNu says:

    what was that 🙂 LOL…it made me laugh !! Fantastic ‘escape’ !! Must say your creative writing classes are helping you 🙂

  4. Comfortablynam says:

    You know the area so may want to move away from it in your writing..but since we (most of your readers) don’t know much about it..we love to read about it 😀 😀

    If you were to ask me..I would say please don’t stop.. 😀

  5. Nethra_A says:

    Good one. 🙂 So she was planning in real too, huh? 😮
    Anyway, all the best for blog-a-ton! 🙂

  6. Leo says:

    hi Psych Babbler.. first time to ur space and i liked it a lot! Yes, the escape was a bit cruel, but well written post. All the best for BATOM 🙂


  7. The Fool says:

    Excellent piece. I am not a great fan of 55 fiction and such short pieces. But I appreciate when I really see a good one where really a lot is conveyed in less words. You have done that. But one small thing I found. The lines

    “Her ticket to freedom. Her ticket to escape his clutches. ” – Isn’t this a repetition of idea. What value when your economizing words?

  8. Psych Babbler says:

    =) Aww that’s nice…I will do my best to give this justice henceforth. I doubt I will stop given that it comes automatically but will try and put more thought into it…

  9. Shreya Sen says:

    hey Psyche Babbler!I have been an age-old follower of your blog and your work is simply amazing! I simply have to ask you this,would you please consider making a submission to a baby e magazine ? You will find all details here.

    The magazine is a celebration of art as a healing power. It dedicated to all those who have survived trauma of some kind.We would love to have a submission from you for our very first edition!

  10. Psych Babbler says:

    Welcome Pal! Well, the ‘just the way she wanted’ I had hoped to have a meaning that the house was looking perfect….just as she wanted. It was one of those double meaning phrases… =)

  11. Psych Babbler says:

    Welcome The Fool! Thanks for the lovely review. The reason for having two similar statements was actually to try and confuse the reader into thinking that the woman was being battered (hence ‘husband’s clutches’) but instead, the ‘freedom’ aspect was what the protagonist was actually looking for…hope that made sense…

  12. Psych Babbler says:

    Welcome Shreya and I’m honoured with your comments about my work. I am also honoured that you would want me to write for your mag…I will definitely make an effort to do so!

  13. Avada Kedavra says:

    That was a good 55-er PB 🙂 I never knew the term “Battered-woman syndrome”. Thanks for the wiki link, it was useful. Loved it. Short one but really powerful.

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