Through those little eyes


I wonder
Who that woman is
The one who is mostly by my side
The one who picks me up
The minute that I cry

I wonder
Who that man is
The one with a cheeky smile
The one who helps the woman out
By staying with me at night

I wonder
Who that little girl is
The one that comes and goes
The one that talks to me non-stop
And sometimes tickles my toes

I wonder
Who that large boy is
The one with the messy clothes
The one whose words make no sense
To me and all in the home

I wonder
Who the other people are
The ones who visit me on different days
They speak gibberish to me
They really drive me insane

I wonder
When I will be able to talk
And walk away from this
To explore the world around
Away from my little crib

I wonder
What lies ahead for me
In this world so very strange
What these people mean to me
And what early memories will remain

(c) Sanch Vee @ Sanch Writes (18 April 2010)

Written for Sunday Scribblings Prompt ‘Wonder’

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