First Crush

A covert look
A small smile
An accidental touch
Sending shivers
Down her spine
Sneaking glances
Trying to catch
His wandering eye
Dropping her books
As he passed by
Rambling speech with
Stutters and mumbles
Incoherent thoughts
Running through her mind
When directly
At her he gazed
On her cheeks
A deep red blush
As she conversed
With her first crush
Written for One Single Impression Prompt 169

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28 thoughts on “First Crush

  1. Psych Babbler says:

    Took me back years ago to try and remember that feeling…it’s funny having
    a crush isn’t it? Waiting for the person to talk to you or communicate in
    some way… 🙂

  2. Jake George says:

    took me back to high school when I spoke to this girl for the first time ..
    all that came out were broken words and weird syllables …”hi” ..”ho doin” .. “day great” ..she must have tht I’m a retard …lol ..

  3. ms pie says:

    just the other day i was at a dance and felt this all over again… ain’t it cool… loved the sway and flow this beauty… 

  4. Olive Tree says:

    oh yes, I remember that time. We become more and more biased as we’re getting older and I’m glad I read this because it reminds me of the innocence crush I experienced…long time ago. Lovely poem.

  5. Psych Babbler says:

    Welcome here Olive Tree! You bet…as we grow older our expectations seem to
    grow as well and we don’t even make fools of ourselves as we did back then!
    Thanks for the lovely comment!

  6. Psych Babbler says:

    Welcome here Jingle! Thanks for the comment…it is bittersweet in a way,
    isn’t it? First crushes don’t always work out to be anything more…

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