The Narcissist’s Pledge

You will listen
To all I say
I command respect
Come what may
I am better than you
And all else around
If you dare challenge me
I’ll stomp you to the ground
My word is the ultimate
My skills the very best
There’s no way to doubt me
As I’ll put you to the test
I’ll personally attack you
I’ll verbally put you down
As I am but perfect
And you, just a clown
I am the most special
Born to always lead
Without me at the helm
There will be a stampede
I am the very greatest
There ain’t no one like me
Handsome, skilled, intelligent
Nobody else I’d want to be
People say I am arrogant
But what they do not know
Is without this level of confidence
In life, you cannot grow
Others think it’s a defence
And that I feel horrible inside
That opinion makes me laugh
As laws of the world, I don’t abide
I am the perfect person
No better could I be
So you have got to listen up
As it’s all about me!
***This has been written for One Single Impression Prompt No. 176***

Disclaimer: Please note this is not about me. At least, I hope I’m not a narcissist given that I cannot stand them. It was written after a few experiences with narcissists and after reading excerpts from the book “The Narcissism Epidemic” which is an epidemic currently sweeping the world.  
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20 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Pledge

  1. Priyanka Victor says:

    I’m so sharing this:) 

    Do you have a bottle which you take out awesome writing from?

  2. Psych Babbler says:

    Did my best to put myself in a narcissist’s shoes there Sandra…thanks for
    the great prompt! It gave me so many ideas! Welcome here and do keep

  3. Psych Babbler says:

    Aw thanks Priyanka! 🙂 Creativity strikes at odd moments…prompts certainly
    help me no end. This one struck when I was sitting through a presentation by
    a narcissistic colleague yesterday and instead of listening to them drone
    on, I wrote instead! Time well spent, I reckon! 😛

  4. Amity says:

    Admirable Psyche… 🙂 
    I wish I have that brave feeling to proclaim
    to the world that I am perfect!
    But who is perfect? Hmmm… Psychebabbler…she said so in her poem…
    Peace…he he…Loved these thoughts dear!

  5. soulmate says:

    This is exactly what one needs, when the world around you is being mean to you and is trying to pull you down.. Tell them that you are the best!!! 🙂

  6. Psych Babbler says:

    Soulmate…narcissism is an epidemic that is growing at a wild rate…it’s
    scary and crazy…unfortunately, it’s the type of people society seems to
    accept because they end up doing well particularly in business and show-biz!

  7. Adayinlifeofmom says:

    i kind of felt that this person is my grandma and grandpa (paternal)..
    they think they are the best, elite, perfect, intelligent and what not..
    and others big fool…

    How can someone be so deluded? Sigh……

    Sorry for the rant… This poem/pledge is nice…

  8. Psych Babbler says:

    Oh trust me Adayinlifeofmom…that’s exactly how my paternal grandmother is too! And a colleague I work with is also quite narcissistic. I don’t get narcissistic people either…there used to be a theory that narcissism was used as a defense mechanism where the person actually thinks they are worthless and then begins to build themselves up…however, I think that theory is slowly dying out now because more and more people are being found who just think they are way more special than others!

  9. sowmpu m says:

    wow …
    very talented soul ! i must say…ur style of writing is really admirable …keep writing more poems :)i would like to read more stuff from ukeep smiling always 🙂

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