Journey of Life

Seated in the driver’s seat
On this journey called life
Meandering through the busy streets
Including moments of strife
I glance at the rear-view mirror
Reflecting back on the past
Memories that have thrilled me
And those that have shadows cast
Thinking of my ambitions
From childhood to teenage years
How some have been altered
Thanks to adult anxieties and fears
Fond thoughts of friends I’ve made
And more so, the ones I’ve kept
Times when I laughed out loud with them
And instances when I wept
There have been speed humps on this drive
And minor crashes as well
But facing these blocks in the road
Have made me a stronger individual
I work in a profession that I love
And have had some dreams come true
I am quite content with my mundane routine
Sharing the days with loved ones few
Despite not having all I want
I realise with gratitude that indeed
I have everything I could ask for
Everything that I need
I set the gear to drive
And press on full steam ahead
On this journey of my life
Waiting to explore every last second

***This has been written for Magpie Tales 88***

Until next time,


14 thoughts on “Journey of Life

  1. Deepthi says:

    That was awesome..Loved it.. :)… You are so creative PB,you could relate that picture to life 🙂 …

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