And Yet…

A life so full 
And yet, so empty 
People all around me
And yet, I feel lonely 
I am confident 
And yet, I crumble 
I want to speak out 
And yet, words stumble 
I have so much 
And yet, I’m unsatisfied 
I long for change 
And yet, I’m terrified

Until next time,


24 thoughts on “And Yet…

  1. VeniceRowe says:

    Sheesh… I’ll be a life-long fan of you! Simply admire the way you express yourself! And oooh, b.t.w, I love the new header image!!! 🙂 Cheers..

  2. Lazy Pineapple says:

    Love the look of your blog 🙂 Happy New Year…

    Is something bothering you? You seem lonely in your poem…

  3. Psych Babbler says:

    Hey LP…Happy New Year to you too! Long time…

    Ah…lots of stuff bothering me at the mo…too many questions in my head…not completely lonely but feeling alone…hopefully, it’s all a phase and this too shall pass!

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