Never again

Image Source: Blogadda

Image Source: Blogadda

It was her 21st birthday — a special year. She had waited all night for him. Surely he was going to turn up. She checked her phone for the millionth time. Still no message or call. Her friends had all made it to her party but it still hurt that he wasn’t present.

As the clock ticked past midnight, she sighed and wiped away the tears. She didn’t know why she was upset. After all, this wasn’t anything new. It had been happening for years. Except this time, he had promised. Had given her hope. Had told her how special her day was. And so, she had let herself hope. She allowed herself to get excited.

Never again, she thought.

Never again would she trust him.

Never again would she hope.

She went to bed with the resolve to never speak to her absent father again.

He had let her down for the very last time.

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12 thoughts on “Never again

  1. nibha says:

    Father missing his daughter’s special birthday! that would surely hurt a lot! Nice twist in the end! wa expecting someone else 😛

    • Psych Babbler says:

      I think when I started it, my thoughts were to end it differently…probably what most of you thought. But then this came to me… sad but happens to some kids I see…

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