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It was 12 year old Nina’s first day of high school and she knew things were going to be different. A new place with new people who didn’t know her or anything about her history.
She entered with an air of confidence and went to her class for roll call.

Just as the teacher came to the letter M, she heard the dreaded words: “Allison McCall” and the response “Here”.

It couldn’t be…she couldn’t be here.

She looked in the direction of the familiar voice and saw her — Allison — with a smirk on her beautiful face.

The pain, the humiliation, the fear, the guilt — all these uncomfortable emotions came rushing back to Nina — Allison would never ever let her forget and get on with her life.

No, thought Allison, correctly reading Nina’s mind; she’d never let Nina get away with the murder of her twin. Because no matter what the police thought, Allison knew that an 8 year old Nina had stood gleefully watching Allison’s twin drown in front of her eyes.

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***Written for Write Tribe Festival of Words Day 1: 9 sentence fiction***

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25 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. shellymona says:

    Poor Nina….her dreadful past is following her as a shadow and pulling back to those uncomfortable feelings that may never allow her to lead a natural life…Parental support may help in such real life cases….
    shellymona recently posted…The forgetful princessMy Profile

    • Psych Babbler says:

      True…the support of parents is so crucial in difficult times but then again, sometimes parents don’t have an understanding either in terms of how to deal with this! Thanks for the comment Shellymona!

  2. KP says:

    I can understand children or even adults getting dazed and numb in a crisis not knowing what to do.But this ‘gleefully watching’ hurts very much.The guilt in her mind will never be erased.
    KP recently posted…The kiss in publicMy Profile

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