Morning Gym


Woke up early on Monday morn
To hit the gym at the crack of dawn
Couldn’t find my clothes in their usual place
Looked high and low and in the darkest space
Finally gave up and drove all the way
But when I got to class, everybody stared
I didn’t think it unusual to wear my jammies
Turns out though, I had on not even my undies
Naked and cold in front of people new to me
I blushed but then, acted nonchalantly
‘Haven’t you heard of the brand new craze —
Nude exercise burns more calories these days’
So saying, I went up to the front of the class
Giving everyone a view of my toned arse
Taking my cue, they shed their gear too
Leaving the instructor staring at bodies a-few
We pumped and grunted and squatted for an hour
Sweat dripping from crevices that badly needed a shower
Just when I hit the ground for my final burpee
A loud buzzing noise started to annoy me
My eyes flew open and I stared at a ceiling red
It took a few moments to realise I was still in bed

(c) Sanch – Living my Imperfect Life

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photo credit: jerryonlife via photopin cc

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