reach out

Reach out

reach out

When dark clouds hang above you
And waking up is hard to do

When all you want is to stay indoors
To avoid people and forget your chores

When your love to write seems a lost cause
Ideas fade away thanks to your long pause

When other interests begin to dwindle
And nothing can make your passions kindle

When exercising is no longer fun
And you pile the kilos one by one

When eating healthy becomes a drag
And you gorge on junk until you gag

When compassion begins to take a back seat
And your cruel words hurt those you meet

When β€˜not good enough’ becomes your motto
And you’re going through life as if on auto

When nothing makes you happy anymore
And all you want is to curl up on the floor

When the tears come easy but smiles are shy
As every little thing, makes you want to cry

When you cannot focus on things to do
Thanks to the crap your mind tells you

When you start thinking of death and dying
The weight on your shoulders can be very trying

When all this happens and life sucks for you
It’s time to reach out to a friend or two

When you have someone who can lend you an ear
Understand your feelings and your fears

When you have someone who can show you the light
They can instill some hope to make life bright

(c) Sanch Vee @ Sanch Writes (16 March 2016)

19 thoughts on “Reach out

  1. Nabanita says:

    Sending lots to g love your way…as you say, remember to reach out is what you and I and we all need to remember..and if possible find time to has always helped me in my trying times..hugs

  2. Shailaja says:

    Hugs galore coming your way. Reach out. Find that friend to talk to. Don’t let this win. We’re here for you. I promise πŸ’πŸ’

  3. Lata Sunil says:

    Sanch.. take care. This poem is very touching that we know that you are actually feeling it. Hugs.. you will get through.

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