Fancy house
By the beach
Gates so high
None can reach
Big red car
All sporty
Leather seats
So comfy
Lots of cash
In the bank
Shares, estates
Boats on plank
Best dresses
None that’s old
Pearls, diamonds
Lots of gold
Waited on
Hand and foot
Chefs and maids
All afoot
Easy life
Much adored
Friends around
Never bored
Life like this
Not for me
Rich, fancy
I’ll never be
Working hard
To make ends meet
Going on trips
As a treat
Wishful thinking
At its best
Stay content
Like the rest

(c) Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (6 August 2016)

This has been written for Day 6 of the BarAThon challenge by Blog-a-rhythm


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