Stranger than fiction


There once was a man
Filled with hate
He espoused bigotry
And misogynistic traits

He spread mass fear
Of the unknown
With unsubstantiated claims
Voiced in a boisterous tone

He bullied his way
Right to the top
Stomping on minions
Whilst brainwashing his crop

Some followed blindly
Without protest
They thought to rule the country
He’d be the very best

He promised a wall
Along the edge
To keep immigrants out
He made a solemn pledge

There’d be less crime
But more guns
The greatest country he vowed
For future daughters and sons

No more Muslims
Or ethnics or Jews
We don’t need these people
Only rich white men’s views

They cheered him on
Voting him in
He’d rule the developed world
With his presidential win

You might laugh at this
And think it’s fiction
But this man is scarily real
To the world, an affliction

(c) Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (1 August 2016)

This has been written for Day 1 of the BarAThon Challenge at Blog-a-Rhythm 


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