The paths I’ve taken
Were once unknown
Scary, treacherous
When seen from afar
Yet I took a step
In one direction
With faith, belief,
Wishing on a star

With every step walked
I’ve faced my fears
Unable to see
What lay ahead next
Some have been easy
And built confidence
Others much harder
Have left me perplexed

Been bruised and battered
Loved, lost and lived
Taken the wrong way
On a route unplanned
Learnt lessons from all
As they made me be
Brave enough to leave
Footprints in the sand

The people I’ve met
Whose paths I’ve crossed
Some loved, others gone
Have all still shaped me
Experiences had
Triumphs and failures
Sometimes had to learn
To let bygones be

It’s mysterious
This journey called life
With twists and turns
Along every way
Yet I’ll step ahead
Confront every change
And avoid regrets
Come what may

(c) Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (4 September 2016)

Inspired by the picture prompt for Friday Reflections

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