#Quinzaine: Soulmates #atozchallenge

There’s no such thing as soulmates.
Are you someone’s mate?
Why share souls?

(c) Sanch Vee @ Sanch Writes (20 April 2017)


The English word quinzaine come from the French word qunize, meaning fifteen. A quinzaine is an unrhymed verse of fifteen syllables. These syllables are distributed among three lines so that there are seven syllables in the first line, five in the second line and three in the third line (7/5/3). The first line makes a statement. The next two lines ask a question relating to that statement.

This has been written for the 2017 A to Z Challenge

17 thoughts on “#Quinzaine: Soulmates #atozchallenge

  1. Shailaja V says:

    Why share souls indeed 🙂 Tying yourself up in another person’s existence can never be good for you in the long run. Finding yourself is the most important thing in the world.

  2. Nick Wilford says:

    I’m not sure – the romantic in me kind of likes to hope they do exist but I also think everyone is truly unique and that’s the way it should be. Interesting!

  3. Sreesha says:

    Aww, Sanch, you don’t believe in soulmates? (Oh well, I’m no one to talk, I change my opinion on the subject every other week 😀 )

  4. LadyInRead says:

    this one made me smile:)
    my daughter is my solemate (she sometimes wears my shoes – slightly large on her feet but ok for a short trip;;but i can’t wear hers so me not her solemate :))
    but i would like to believe we will be the best of friends too always

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