The Gift

'No one remembers,' thought Liz, when she opened the door and saw the gifts. Her eyes lit up at the sight of the pretty boxes wrapped in coloured paper topped with bows and ribbons. She chose the smallest box, unwrapped it while taking care not to rip the paper. In it was a silver necklace [...]


She looked at the face she'd seen every day for six years staring down at her. She felt his warm breath against her cheek quicken as he leant closer. Her body stiffened, as his hand reached under her pyjamas. She closed her eyes, holding on tighter to her teddy bear. (c) Sanch V @ Sanch [...]


Sam looked at the clock in the car. 8:39. She was going to be late. Again. Although this time, it wasn't her fault. She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel, urging the traffic to move. It had been ten minutes and the cars hadn't moved. She watched the driver in the BMW next to [...]

The Accident #FiveSentenceFiction

She watched as police swarmed the accident scene. She made her way, unseen, towards the mangled car in the middle. Her gaze followed the carnage of broken glass and pools of blood and wandered to the person the paramedics seemed to be desperately trying to revive. It was the face of her husband; the man [...]


There was lipstick on his collar. Fiery Red, she noted. Not one of her favourites. She was more a Wine Red lipstick kind of girl. She sniffed his shirt and took in the scent of his musky cologne. Mixed within, her sharp sense of smell caught a whiff of jasmine. Being allergic to perfumes, she [...]

55 Fiction: Blind Faith

  ‘Don’t worry,’ they’d said. ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you.’ She’d trusted them and allowed them to pack her bags. She sits now in the Bali airport cell, flanked by two guards and bags of methamphetamine worth over a million dollars. ‘I’m seventeen,’ she says. ‘I don’t know anything. My parents packed my bags.’ [...]

Microstory: The fix

‘We’ve tried everything,’ she said, crying. ‘Different angles, times of the month, changed diets, IVF…nothing works.’ He held her, equally hurt, knowing they couldn’t afford any more. Months later, they brought home the orphaned girl; her smile lit up their lives.  

Can I eat this

The gooey chocolate mud cake was making eyes at me. I could see him trying to tempt me, the tease! But I wouldn’t succumb. Willpower. After all, the scales screamed seventy kilos today. * Fuck willpower. You only live once. I binged. (c) Sanch - Living my Imperfect Life   photo credit: Citrus and Candy [...]

55 Fiction: The Message

photo credit: tray via photopin cc “Where are you?” “20 mins away. Traffic’s awful!” “Told you to leave early. Happens every time. When will you learn?” “Sorry! Make it up? :-* ” “You better. We’re going to miss the start. 🙁 ” “K” She wondered why he wouldn't answer 30 mins later not realising the sirens were [...]

55 Fiction: Meant to be

  I looked into those brown eyes for the very first time and was smitten. The way you played with my hair and touched my cheek made me realise you were the one. You seemed a bit anxious but I knew I could handle that. 30 months on, you continue to entertain & love me, [...]