She’s the one

Making sure to meet your needs Often setting examples through her deeds Taking you every place you want to go Hearing all your problems and more Ensuring your food is on the table Reading you your favourite fable (c) Sanch Vee @ Sanch Writes (30 April 2009)

Go Aussie Go

This squad of fifteen members Is surely on a roll The whole world will remember The way they field, bat and bowl. Starting up-front with Gilly, The world’s best keeper and most dangerous bat; He will make the bowlers feel silly By hitting even the best balls straight down the track!! Partnering him up the [...]

True love?

As I stood there waiting On a cold winter’s morn I saw coming down the street The best that path would ever adorn He came up towards me And looked me in the eye He looked as handsome as could be In his coat of black and white I knew I wanted him there and [...]

The grass is always greener…

She was the girl Other girls wanted to be She was the girl That guys turned heads to see She was the girl Who was never short on money She was the girl With a rich guy for her hubby She was the girl That had perfect looks She was the girl The kind talked [...]

three wishes

Three wishes

  Last night in my dreams A fairy came to me With her wand dazzling in the dark She looked as pretty as could be. “You’ve been asking for a long time” The fairy said to me “And since you’ve been quite good, We grant you wishes three.” So saying, she gave her wand a [...]

black cloud

The Black Cloud

A black cloud hovers Over your head And as its shadow Covers your heart All you can hear Is how you’re no good And worthless And a failure And don’t deserve to live All you can think of Is what a burden you are And horrible And a loser And don’t deserve this world This [...]


It happens to you It happens to me It happens to all And yet seems hard to believe “Oh! you’ve changed!” We say with disdain With our faces screwed up Searching in vain For something else That just might explain Why in the world Would someone we know Change... (c) Sanch Vee @ Sanch Writes [...]