23 years and still going strong

23 years…
Do I feel different?
Am I thinking differently?
Do I feel older?
Have I started to look for wrinkles around my eyes?
Have I started looking for grey strands of hair?


23 — it’s just a number. It just means I have been on this planet for 23 years now. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
It doesn’t mean I am more mature or more responsible.
It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden I know exactly what I want to do with my life.
It doesn’t mean that I have changed some of my views and opinions because I’m ‘older’
And it doesn’t mean that I was a ‘stupid 22 year old’ as compared to a ‘wiser 23 year old’!!

Anyway, now that I have mentioned about the ‘significance’ of age, I would like to write about the lovely day I had yesterday! Earlier in the week in my previous entry I vented about not being home…but the birthday I celebrated was as good as what I may have had at home! Firstly, I received a call from my family at midnight Australian time with my sister being the first to wish me as she does every year! I woke up in the morning to a birthday card from my roommate S who had left for placement. In the afternoon I went bushwalking with my friend R to Bundeena (Can’t thank you enough for that mate!). It is an incredible place and while I’ve been there twice before, I am still amazed and awe-struck by the beauty of the place! It is like something out of a painting or a book…it’s so peaceful and you are transported to an entirely different time zone where there’s no stressors, no fast-paced life, no worries….just bliss. Of course, it’s not easy…the bushwalk I mean. We did the coast walk which was 3.5 kms one way…so in all we walked 7 kms plus about 1 km to get out of the place. I, who have not been at my fittest, was buggered at the end of it but it was so worth it! The pix I have put up will prove just how worthwhile it was!!!

Well, once I got back to my place, I found out that S had bought me a b’day cake! Thanks a ton S!!! I shared a nice and fun-filled dinner and drinks with S, R, L and K. I was so touched with all the love showered! =) I feel so loved with all the wishes from friends here and home and am so grateful I could spend time on my birthday with some amazing people! Thank you fo the great time guys!!!

Anyway, that’s it for now.

{Originally written on 17/01/2007}

Till next time,


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