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One thing about long bus and train rides and no book to read is that I get to think. And that’s exactly what I did earlier this week on my two hour journey to Marsfield via 2 buses and a train.

Even more surprisingly, I wasn’t thinking about how much I hate travelling and how much it sucks having to wake up this early! No. I was in too good a mood to be thinking that. In fact, I was dwelling on all the amazing people that have made such a difference in my life, whether they know it or not. I probably had more of a recency effect thinking of those who have currently made me feel so worthwhile that I felt like I just had to pen it down (or type it down to be more precise).

Before I get into the ‘recency effect’, I must say my sister and my parents have obviously believed in me the most and egged me to pursue my dreams and without them, I probably wouldn’t have even met the wonderful people I have recently. Of course my dear college friends back home — MB, AR, JD — who, like my family, encouraged me to pursue my dreams and who have been awesome friends over these years. Last but defintely not the least, my school friends — AT, SS, NC, KG, JA, BS — it’s great to still be in touch after we’ve all grown over the years.

And now, now I’d like to express my gratitude to some other people in my life:

To R: As cliched as it may sound, Thank you for believing in me more than I have ever believed in myself. You have highligthed my achievements and made me give myself a pat on the back — something which I have never done all these years (although I’m great at putting myself down!) You made me see that at 23, I have achieved a lot. That I am hardworking. That I am capable. And by encouraging me, you have helped me build my confidence no end. You have been a great support for when I’ve been down and feeling like I will not reach the finish line by pushing me further and making me see the light at the end of the tunnel. You’ve helped me problem-solve rather than solve things emotionally; you’ve made me laugh; you’ve made me think about alternative solutions…you’ve been a brick!

To J: My Masters buddy…staying up late at night working on assignments while keeping each other company on MSN. Teaching me the dry Aussie sarcasm. Being someone I can whinge to without worrying, someone I can gossip with. Someone I can call when I’m panicking! Someone who has made me laugh with the umpteen lame jokes. Someone who has supported me big time with everything academic and non-academic. We’ve been able to work as a team quite co-operatively in spite of me being more of a control-freak…and I think that says a lot, considering all the group work we’ve done with others and how it has had negative consequences. Thanks for everything J…here’s hoping we continue our friendship way into our careers…

To A: My friend from 4th year…my research partner. Without your support both academically and non-academically, I think that year would not have been as interesting or as smooth as it seemed. I had you there to talk to about all the possible problems I had, as well as someone to gossip with. Although now you are one state away (and don’t know how many kilometres!), it’s still great to be able to talk to you the same way about everything. Thank you for all the support, advice and encouragement with every single thing!

To B: You have been great in helping me build my confidence, particularly regarding presenting to the class. While I haven’t really worked with you on presentations, over the past two years, you have made me feel calmer about presenting and have provided me with constructive feedback after my presentations. Apart from that, you have encouraged me and have been excited at some of my achievements which has been a real motivating factor. I hope you know the impact you have on people around you…and I thank you for that!

To N: You too have been great as far as me presenting is concerned. You’ve also been a great help when I was at the clinic and you are another person who is awesome to work with. I’ve also enjoyed the foodie conversations we have and we love 🙂

To the other N: I know you hate being called that…but while I’ve known you only recently, you’ve been a great support. You’ve helped me with my assertiveness skills to some extent as well as been a great person to work with when it was just us and the newbies at the clinic. You ability to put others at ease is amazing.

To F: My fourth year thesis supervisor…she was amazing. She was so supportive and friendly, particularly considering it was my first year in Aus and conducting research was something new (my 2nd year research doesn’t really count!!!) She was able to pick everytime I was stressing out and was able to calm me down. I still remember the chocolate she gave me to help de-stress! Thanks to her help and support, I managed to ace my research project on a topic that was completely unfamiliar to me to begin with…and not only that, she was kind enough to include A and me as part of the researchers in her conference presentation and the published abstract. Thank you, F.

To T: Last, but definitely not the least, my supervisor and lecturer. He probably has no idea whatsoever about the impact he has had on me…on my own perceptions of my abilities. Right from the first pass-out I sat for, when he told me he thought I’d be able to administer tests to kids without any problems, to currently encouraging me about job prospects and supporting me with my thesis. He has managed to calm me down more times than once, particularly when I’ve panicked about my thesis. His feedback on my final placement where he was also my supervisor, has encouraged me and heightened my interest in the field of psychometric assessment. Having someone of his calibre and intelligence believe in my ability to be a psychologist has made me feel so much more positive about what I’m doing and that I’m capable (especially considering that I’m the queen of self-doubt!)

I guess I will end now…but basically I consider myself lucky to have met such wonderful people throughout my life and it tells me that there’s someone up there watching over me. I’m so grateful for this opportunity I was presented with to meet these awesome individuals…

You never know what life can present you with.

Till next time,


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