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October 20th 2007 will be firmly etched in my memory. I attended the LINKIN PARK concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre that night. It is so hard to try and find words to do justice to the concert but I am going to try my very best.


Yes…that sums up the way I felt during and after the concert. LP totally rocked Sydney. Truly. They were fantastic performers that night and had the crowd on their feet (and not just the one’s in the mosh pit). The lighting effects were awesome and the manner in which they chose the songs…rocking and then going acoustic and then rocking all over again…fantastic!!! I sang myself hoarse. Or rather, screamed myself hoarse for anyone who knows what Linkin Park songs are like. I’m still amazed at how Chester manages to maintain his voice… 🙂 I thought my first concert — Thirsty Merc — in May this year was great. Linkin Park were awesome, no disrespect to Thirsty Merc whatsoever. But the two play completely different kinds of music. I’m going to add some pics I did manage to take during the LP concert, although I must admit they aren’t too great.

And now…now, I can’t wait for the next LP album to come out. While their most recent album was quite different to their usual kind of music, I still enjoyed it. And yes, I know they scream their lungs out…but if you listen hard enough to the lyrics, they are actually quite deep. Take for instance, their single ‘What I’ve done’ from their album, Minutes to Midnight. It delves into how we have become over the years; how don’t-carish we have become…or more appropriately, the Western World has become…how narcissistic it has become. Or the song by Mike Shinoda directed to George Bush (quite sure it is even though he never says his name!) about the brutality of war and the pointlessness of it. I could go on and on…but I will stop.

On a more personal note — I bought myself an acoustic guitar. I aim to learn to play the guitar once I’m done with my studies. Apart from all the other zillion things I’d like to fit in including working to earn a living of course!

Anyway, till next time,


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