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The Power of a Smile

The other day as I was returning home on the bus — tired and weary from all the travelling and assessing kids all day on the SB-V of all tests — I experienced something that was really uplifting. As the bus stopped at a set of traffic lights, I noticed another bus next to ours. Being seated at the window, I looked out when I saw this little school girl in the bus across me. She looked at me and then smiled and waved. Mind you, this was a kid I’d never met in my life, but after a day feeling tired and somewhat low due to other circumstances the day before, I smiled and waved back. The little girl continued to smile and wave at me until the buses took different routes.

I then found myself feeling different to what I had been feeling all day long. I felt uplifted. I felt almost happy. I felt less tired. I also remembered something I used to do as a kid — I would wave at strangers from the school bus or car and if they waved back, in my childish mind they were nice people. Those that didn’t were not nice. I thus found myself thinking I am probably a nice person according to that little kid!

I guess though, I was thinking more so about how powerful a smile can be. You could be having the worst day of your life and I reckon if someone smiled at you — a genuine smile — it could light up your day. It could make you view your situations differently. That’s what the little girl’s smile did to me…it made me view my situation differently. It made me feel more positive. It also made me feel liked…because as we know, children and animals are ones who will not pretend to be nice to you unlike adults who are socialised to pretend to be nice to even your worst enemies.

So little girl…whoever you are…thank you for smiling at me that day. You definitely brightened up my day. I do hope that when I smile at some people, I have a similar impact.

Never, ever underestimate the power of a smile…

Till next time,


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