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I remember when I was studying Abnormal Psychology in Third year…I came across this ‘warning’ in our textbook cautioning us not to ‘diagnose’ ourselves, which apparently was quite common for doctors to do when learning about medical problems.

It’s funny that they mentioned it in third year…because I’d been attributing lots of things to myself or through examples related to me since I started studying Psychology — that’s how I learnt about classical and operant conditioning, about the irrational thoughts highlighted by Ellis (I apparently have them all!) and goodness knows what else. So I guess when I learnt Ab Psych, all that was left was for me to start clinically diagnosing myself. But surprisingly, I did not. The reason — I didn’t enjoy Ab psych barring the chapter on Anxiety disorders (surprise, surprise!)

However, now, after 6 long years of immersing myself in the subject, I am interested in the clinical as well as the non-clinical aspects of psychology. I will admit I still will not be able to come to a diagnosis without looking at the DSM for clinical disorders, but I think I’m ok with some of the childhood clinical disorders (except maybe the autism spectrum ones).

Anyway, I’m drifting…my point is, after 6 long years, and after doing an awesome unit on Child clinical psych, I couldn’t help but do what my third year Ab psych text said not to — i.e. ‘diagnose’ myself. So maybe I am exaggerating. I doubt I fit the DSM criteria….I just have bits and pieces of some of the neurotic symptoms.

I have my low moods and can be quite negative — Depression.
I do worry about the future —- GAD.
I worry about what people think about me — Social anxiety.
I am organised and love structure and planning — Obsessive-compulsive personality.
I fainted at the sight of blood oozing when I cut my finger — Specific phobia?
I was a stubborn kid (and still can be stubborn)— Oppositional Defiant?

Ok…so like I said, I am exaggerating.

I know I seem crazy doing this…but I’ve found I learn better this way. I think that’s the reason I at least have an idea about reading disorders and intellectual disabilites — because I’ve seen clients with the same. So I figure, with the clinical stuff, if you have someone you can associate with the same, it helps you learn better.

If only subjects were like this throughout school, I reckon I’d have had a better education; instead I rote learnt every single thing and don’t remember much. Education needs to be applied…only then is it actually going to be education. Otherwise, it’s nothing…it’s just a waste of so many years of our lives in a way. And yes, that’s me — cynical little me! :S

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