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Cricket at the SCG

I did it — I lived my dream of watching an Australia v/s India match and supporting the Aussies. (Of course, in my dreams, the Aussies always won, but nevertheless, it was a great experience). And more importantly, I got to watch Gilly play his last game at the SCG and possibly his second or third-last game ever.I had to do it in Australia since supporting Aus openly at Wankhede would get me stoned. (Knowing the hooliganism of fans back there…) Luckily here, I did have support in the form of Aussies themselves. Having said that, I could have sworn I was back in India with the drums and the chants of “jeetega bhai jeetega, India jeetega” or “Ganpati bappa moriya” (go figure!) or just the massive roars at the runs scored by Indians. [Shudder —- to think I left the country to get away from all that!!]

However, on the bright side, there were the “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… oi, oi, oi” or the “Harbhajan is a wanker” chants that we joined in and the boos everytime Harbhajan came up near the boundaries or took a wicket, that made me feel there were still Aussies around. Don’t get me wrong — in no way are the Aussies racist; they just hate Harbhajan with a passion. And I don’t blame them since I feel the same. And not just about Harbhajan but the likes of Dhoni, Sreesanth, Yuvraj and all the other new blokes in the ODI team.

It was a much better experience overall compared to the time I watched Aus take on NZ at Pune. The crowd are obviously more regulated. You don’t have people trying to feel you up. You can take food, drinks and even cameras in unlike in India where you can’t even take water. Imagine that — 8 hours of no food or drink or toilets in India — and yet you have heaps of people going to the cricket. Oh, and best of all, you can actually see the game and check out what’s going on.

I must thank R for getting me the tickets as a birthday gift in the first place — the only person I know here who enjoys the game. Considering I was broke at the time tickets were for sale, I would never have gotten to see Gilly play. Ever. So thank you big time!!!

Anyway, while I didn’t get to watch the ideal game, with an Aussie win, I can’t complain about anything else. It was a good time, waving my Aussie flag, and cheering my team on till hoarse.

Go Aussie Go!!! You need to win two matches in a row!

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EDIT: How could I have forgotten??? Another interesting thing was the streaker who got half way down the ground before the cops could get to him. Hilarious!!!

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