Something so small can lead to something big…

Friday, the 22nd of August 2008. A dreary Sydney day: Cold, rainy and windy. To top it all, I had to wake up at 5 a.m. I woke up after a restless night’s sleep — mainly due to my cough keeping me up — and felt like crap. I had no choice though but to pop in some pills and push myself to go to work. In the freezing cold (for me anything below 10 is freezing…and it was 5 degrees that morning!), I waited to catch the bus to take me to the station, feeling low and so not looking forward to the day.

As the bus arrived (the suburbs bus), it was a driver who knew me and hadn’t seen me in a while (since I’d been getting a lift to work). He was friendly as always and enquired about my whereabouts. Anyway, following that encounter, I had a smile on my face. As I boarded the train and requested someone to move, I smiled and lo and behold, she smiled back. To those not in the know, people on trains before 7 in the morning have never smiled before — they are either too tired and sleeping, or too busy listening to ipods, reading the newspaper etc. — and they don’t seem to like it if you ask them to move. Anyway, so now my mood was even better. The rest of the day, I found myself smiling. I smiled at the city bus drivers and thanked them and they actually responded — both to and from work. It was a weird but pleasant feeling and it made me remember this movie I watched — Thirteen conversations about one thing.

The movie basically implies how even one small action can make a big difference. Of course, there’s a real profound one when a girl contemplating suicide decides against it when a stranger smiles at her — basically, it gives her hope. Hope. Something we all live for. I’d like to know that some how that day I managed to pass some of it on by smiling. It’s something I’ve decided to take on board and attempt to do it everyday. Not smile flirtatiously at random strangers but I guess, smile at people that do make eye contact or that look like they are not having a great day.

Who knows, maybe someday I might actually make an impact!

Until next time,

Keep smiling!!!

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