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Pro-life…are you kidding me?

We have been hearing a lot about the upcoming US elections. I have never been one into politics but I can see how this one is going to be historic — and hopefully, in terms of Obama being the first African-American to become president. Anyway, what has interested me is the recent nomination of Sarah Palin and her talk at the Republican convention.

Apparently Sarah Palin is pro-life and anti-abortion. She is against abortion even in cases where the woman has been raped or been a victim of incest. Fair enough Sarah, you are entitled to your opinion, but correct me if I’m wrong — pro-war, pro-hunting, pro-death penalty, pro-arms….aren’t they a bit of a contradiction to your pro-life stance??? And in that case, doesn’t that make you a hypocrite? Generally people that are anti-abortion say that the foetus is a living being and does not have a say in it’s life, which is why if you abort the foetus, you are taking away it’s right to live.

Well, with war, aren’t the Americans taking away the rights of so many Iraqis and Afghanis??? (I’m not condoning what the Taliban is doing, but war is not the answer).

With hunting, aren’t human beings taking away the rights of the animals in the wild to live??

With the death penalty, aren’t you taking away the rights of one human being to live, no matter how heinous a crime he or she may have committed???

With legalising the use of arms, haven’t we seen innumerable shootings in the US that may have otherwise been prevented???

And what’s with wanting to preach abstinence as a form of sex education? That would explain how her 17 year old is pregnant, of course. Now if they had been taught the right forms of contraception such as birth control pills or condoms, this may not have been the outcome. What’s even more ridiculous in my opinion, is how some people (read: anti-abortionists) are viewing this as something heroic. Teenage pregnancy is NOT something to condone. I repeat, it is NOT something to condone.

It’s a scary thought — America, one of the most powerful countries in the world, regressing. It’s bad enough they have a village idiot running the country now and it’s scary to think it could get worse with a more moralistic and religious approach to governing a country. And if McCain and Palin do succeed (which unfortunately, is likely), and if they succeed in convincing the government with legalising pro-life issues, continuing with the war in the middle east, and doing nothing about the pro-arms situation, the rest of the world (and not America alone) is due for a bad time.

Here’s hoping that day does not arrive.

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