Over-rated — I think so!

So I was watching Law and Order: SVU yesterday and the episode was about teenagers and alcohol and how they binge-drink by sneaking in alcohol even though it is illegal. Anyway, it got me thinking about my adolescence and for that matter, even now, when binge-drinking or drinking to get drunk is big, as are doing drugs and smoking.

It took me back to second year in college when one of my close friends back then began drifting away and hanging out with a crowd that partied a lot, did drugs, smoked and drank heaps. And she thought I was being too goody-goody for not trying it out. I have never ever been one who wanted to smoke or do drugs. Drinking is different. As for partying, well, I tried out a nightclub once in Bombay and hated it. Not for me. I’m more the bars/pubs person or eating in a restaurant or going to movies. To cut a long story short, I am an introvert. However, this particular ‘friend’ of mine made it a point to highlight how much I was missing out on life every single time. I tried not to let it get to me and there were times I succeeded but at other times, I did wonder about whether I was in fact missing out on the partying scene.

As of today, I think all this partying and nightclubs and excessive drinking is over-rated. If I were to meet that ‘friend’ today, I would tell her exactly this — it’s over-rated. I don’t think I missed out on anything. In fact, I think I preserved my developing brain. So I prefer watching movies and DVDs over dancing the night away and smoking dope. Why must I be made to feel guilty about that? Why must I get labelled goody-goody or nerd for not partying? I guess on the bright side, I was lucky to have other friends either similar to me or less judgemental.

But what about the kids today that don’t have that kind of support? I work with children and adolescents and I see how there are some kids that don’t have the kind of support I did. And that’s where peer pressure strikes. I wish I could tell the kids how over-rated nightclubs, smoking, binge-drinking, drugs and all of that is. I really wish I could. But it’s not my role to preach to them. And that’s why I am writing this blog — to vent.

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