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December 2008


    Au révoir 2008; Bienvenue 2009

    2008 has been a rollercoaster of a year. For me personally. I started off 2008 with just about a couple of hundred dollars in my bank account desperately looking for jobs. I got turned down for 22 jobs (not an exaggeration) due to “lack of experience“. I was starting to get depressed since I told myself I was not good enough and due to being inactive. Finally, in February, I got offered a permanent part-time position at a school as…

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  • Books

    Book Review: A Suitable Boy

    I finished reading the book ‘A Suitable Boy’ by Vikram Seth today. I must warn you: To those who haven’t read the book and wish to do so, SPOILERS AHEAD!! I…

  • Movies

    Slumdog Millionaire

    Last night, I saw the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ at the Dendy. (Again, I highly recommend the Dendy for great independent/atypical Hollywood movies!!) The movie is about a guy from the slums…

  • Life

    I’m so thankful

    I’m so very thankful For the family I have For the friends I’ve made and kept For the opportunities I’ve been given For my education For the jobs I have For…

  • Life lessons

    It’s a scary place

    Taking up a new job is scary— meeting new people, learning new rules, being in a new place, opening up to people, trying to build a relationship with them… Making a…

  • Life lessons

    Helping Hands

    How many of us are altruistic? Altruism is when you do something good for another person without expecting anything in return. I would like to rephrase my initial question: How many…

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