The truth is out there…

I am a huge X-Files fan. It’s probably the only sci-fi show I enjoy. I recently bought the whole set of DVDs on ebay for a great bargain — brand new for $200 with all the 9 seasons and the 2 movies (I know I am supposed to be saving but I couldn’t resist when I have been controlling myself at the shops where this is selling for $300).

I still remember the first time I watched it. It was after my Year 10 in the holidays on a Sunday night on Star World. One episode and I was hooked. Not just for the storyline mind you. Nah, I was hooked because of Mulder (David Duchovny) who is just so hot! (I do prefer him as Mulder compared to his recent role in Californication which I can’t stand to watch) Anyway, the reason behind buying the DVDs was that I’d never seen seasons 1 – 4. Yesterday arvo, being down with the flu and having the place to myself, I curled up on the couch and caught the first four episodes of X-Files.

The X-Files has always made me think — is there life out there? I think we’d be pretty arrogant to completely rule it out. Why shouldn’t there be life out there? Are there abductions or sightings? Now with that, I’m a bit more sceptical. I think if there are aliens, they are probably more superior than us and I fail to understand why would they ever want to invade earth when we’ve done a good enough job of ruining our planet anyway??!! There’s really nothing here for them in this smog-filled planet of ours.

Going back to the X-Files, I would find myself in the past taking Mulder’s side just because I was so in love with his character. Scully’s scientific stance did make sense but somehow, I couldn’t take her side. What I love about the X-Files (which I find some people don’t like about it) is how almost every episode ends with a question mark — you are never told whether it’s Mulder or Scully who is right. There is enough evidence for both sides, both Mulder and Scully make valid arguments — and in the end, it’s your choice.

Maybe that was the intention. To get us to think about these post-show. Maybe it was to get us to open our minds that just because there is no scientific evidence to support something does not necessarily mean there isn’t a teeny, tiny possibility that it does not exist or could not happen.

Who knows?

The truth could just be out there…if you want to believe.

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    March 29, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    Ah!!! I remember watching X-Files for only one reason…

    David Duchovny

    Me n my fren even used to fight over him…hehehe….

    I don’t remember much but used to love the series….

    Another one I used to enjoy was Remingtton Stell for obvious reasons hehehe…

    U enjoy ur buy dear πŸ™‚

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    March 29, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    The first time I watched X-files was long time back too and us friends used to discuss it back then. I think Star World.

    So have fun!

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    Psych Babbler
    March 30, 2009 at 4:14 am

    @ Smita: I don’t actually know Remmington Stell… :S

    But yeah…David Duchovny is just so hot!! πŸ™‚

    @ Mesoliloquy: At least you had friends who watched it…none of my friends did. No idea why to be honest…

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    April 1, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    I don’t think I watched anything cool on TV ever! I even started watching FRIENDS really late – like 2nd or 3rd year of undergrad. I’ve heard so much about X-files, enjoy your set!

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    April 6, 2009 at 4:10 am

    cool .. dint know u liked science fiction πŸ™‚ .. hmm been a while since i have seen x files though .. wanted to watch the movie when it came out but never got around to watch it ..

    i know whats the perfect series for u to watch if u liked x files .. get hold of a series called Battle Star Galactica (BSG).. its a re imagining of an older series from the 80’s (i think they made excellent science fiction then .. remember giant robot from doordarshan .. hehe).. at first glance it looks like ur run of the mill hard core science fiction with an oh so predictable plot .. and slick graphics .. man vs machine stuff .. but i was soo soo sorely mistaken .. its a great show in that it focuses more on the characters than the slick graphics to convey the story … and its got so many themes that relate directly to the world and times we live in .. its an excellent thriller (so if u do watch it please please don’t read anything about it.. just watch .. i got too curious and almost killed all my excitement to watch season 3 πŸ˜€ )

    (i dont know why i keep selling BSG to people .. maybe its coz the series just ended and i still want to discuss stuff from it with more people .. and to do that i need to get people to watch it .. πŸ˜€ )

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    Psych Babbler
    April 7, 2009 at 2:18 am

    @ Footloose: Didn’t you follow anything on TV? Hmm…didn’t know that. I used to be a TV addict though. I’ve improved heaps after moving here. I only follow about 2 programs diligently as compared to the zillion back in India! πŸ˜›

    @ Joel: Well, I’m not exactly a sci-fi fan…X-Files was and is the only sci-fi show I enjoy. I have heard of BSG but never really seen it.

    Oh…and I do know what you mean by trying to sell the show to be able to discuss with someone. The only other person who watched X-files was my sister. No other friends either back in Bombay or here do. I went and watched the newest X-Files movie by myself at the movies last yr. Great experience I must say!

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