Home sweet home

I’m home. And it’s good to be back! I landed at 5:00 a.m. in Sydney and was welcomed by a friend (Thanks again C …esp for waking up at an ungodly hour!!) The flight wasn’t too bad except it’s not very comfortable travelling with a blocked nose and a sore throat. The landing at both Singapore and Sydney was especially painful for my ears!

but, I’m home now and I’m over my jet lag.

I’d forgotten just how cold Sydney was though. Anyway, it’s back to work tomorrow. Hurray! I also have to get my laptop repaired — 3 keys don’t work: the delete key, the letter ‘n’ and the letter ‘b’. I guess you are wondering how I managed to get these letters on if they are not working. Good old copy-paste from old word documents! πŸ˜›

Until next time,


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