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September 2009

    Life lessons

    Pearls of Wisdom

    ***This has been written as part of Challenge 18 of Blog This.*** I love platitudes. Except when I am really down or anxious or angry. Then I can’t stand them. While growing up I used to have a number of these stuck on my board just as reminders when things weren’t going too well. However, over the years, people have also said things to me. Some have remained. Some I have forgotten. One that I remember was by a mate telling…

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  • Soapbox Issues

    Practice what you preach

    This news in the papers astounded me. Organisations that are run by churches in Victoria are going to be allowed to discriminate against individuals based on their sexuality (homosexuals), marital status and parental…

  • Life

    Media Mayhem

    I came across this news article in the Times of India and it really got me annoyed. It’s about a student of Indian origin here in Australia that committed suicide due…

  • Life

    View from the Balcony

    I don’t know if this made news elsewhere but Sydney was hit by a dust storm today. It wasn’t as drastic as the news channels made it out to be (seriously…they…

  • Life

    Yearning to Learn

    Lately I find myself browsing through university websites checking out courses. Whether it’s another Masters or a Doctors (not the same as PhD) in Psychology or just further education courses, I find…

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