So begins the hunt…

I have started looking for a flatmate.

After living by myself for almost 2 months in a 2 bedroom unit, I have realised that I am going to need a flatmate to assist with some expenses. I have loved having the whole place to myself. But after doing my taxes yesterday and receiving an unexpected shock that I have to pay additional taxes instead of getting any returns, I made the decision. I am not happy about my tax situation.

It feels a bit different being on the other side. So far, I’ve always been the one looking and running around to different places and being interviewed. Now I am going to be the one interviewing people.

I don’t know if it’s any better.

All I can hope for is to not get a psycho or a weirdo. My friends and I even had half a mind of administering some psych tests of intelligence and mental health when I start looking for prospective flatmates. The following would be some of my selection criteria:

High intelligence – Tick
High neuroticism – Tick
Mild depression – Tick
Obsessive-compulsive – Tick. Provided you leave the mess in my room alone.
Employed – Tick
Not highly religious – Tick. Even better if agnostic or an atheist
Enjoys occassional glass of  red wine – Tick
Highly Depressed – No way Will consider if on meds
Highly psychotic – No way
Personality disordered – No way
Always optimistic person – Nope. Because you are probably doing drugs.

And because I think every one of us has our issues, anyone with absolutely no issues or stress at all will get the boot too…because they have got to be lying!

So anyway, the search begins now.

I will keep you all updated.

Wish me luck!

Until next time,


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    October 11, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    other than taxes living alone is quite boring.. i mean after the initial six month

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    October 11, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    oh good luck dear…hope you find a nice person…

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    October 11, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    A big pot of good luck and one advice : Take tips from Ersa on this one..she has gone through a ‘flat mate search’ and knows a lot about it 🙂

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    October 11, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    Ha..ha..ha.. all the best!

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    October 11, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    Ooh the hunt for a flatmate! Good luck with it! I was lucky enough that I was always living with friends during college, but at one point we did have a random flatmate, but she was a friend of a friends…so not all too random. Regardless, friend or stranger, sharing a living space will be an interesting chapter in your life! Hope you find someone fab. 🙂

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    October 11, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Well, that puts me out (despite my great desire to move to Sydney) – I enjoy the occasional glass of red wine OR white wine. And lots of beer.


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    October 11, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    ha..ha.. all the best…. May god bless you to get a good flat mate.. interview for a flat mate with these qualities…bit tough though..hmm..anyway wishing you good luck psych…

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    October 11, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    All the best . 🙂

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    Psych Babbler
    October 11, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    @ Soin: I disagree. I quite enjoy my me-time

    @ Titaxy: Thanks! And like Nu said, I may take some pointers from you…

    @ Nu: Thanks!

    @ Solilo: Thanks 🙂

    @ Archana: I think I’ve lived with friends only once. But I have had my share of crazy flatmates and good ones.

    @ Sid: Oh I love beer too but prefer them at the local pub…tap beer is soooo much better! Anyway, you would probably get in straight away what with your love for cricket as well! 😀

    @ Shankar: Thanks mate. At the moment, I guess as long as they are employed, neat and not psychos, it should be good! 🙂

    @ Aditya: Thanks mate… 🙂

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    October 12, 2009 at 3:01 am

    It sucks that you can’t continue to live alone. I think it’s the most awesome experience!
    Good luck finding a flat-mate. Does this mean given my new positive streak I won’t make the cut?;) ( I swear I’m not doing drugs)

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    Psych Babbler
    October 12, 2009 at 5:00 am

    @ Footloose: Hehehe…well, if that positive streak was 24×7 then you wouldn’t make the cut. 😀 Honestly though…people that are always positive annoy me no end. Knew someone like that during college and felt like telling her to see reality and not always wear rose coloured glasses.

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