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September 2012

    Healthy Living

    Week 5 of 12WBT

    Week 5 of my 12WBT program was reasonably good. While I didn’t lose any weight, I have continued to maintain my 2 kg loss. We are almost up to the halfway mark! This week for my dinners from Monday to Wednesday, ate stuff I had frozen and kept from Week 1 because I didn’t have time to cook last Sunday. It wasn’t so bad and I realised I like the idea of freezing batches for later! So convenient. I loved…

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  • Feminism Fodder

    Stay safe

    This morning, we woke up to the news that the police had arrested a man for the alleged rape and murder of Jill Meagher, a 29 year old journalist who had…

  • Life

    Dinner with five

    If you could choose 5 people to dine with, who would they be? I was talking to my friend and colleague, M about this today. And it’s interesting the choices one…

  • Giveaway

    GIVEAWAY: Written in the ashes

    If you read my review of Written on the ashes earlier today and liked it, well then, this giveaway is for you. If you are a lover of historical fiction, then…

  • Book Reviews

    Book Review: Written in the ashes

    …by Kaia Hollan Van Zandt. Set in 410 C.E (Common Era), Written in the Ashes follows the journey of Hannah, a young Jewish girl who is kidnapped and sold as a…

  • Healthy Living

    Week 4 of 12WBT

    Week 4 was so much better than Weeks 2 and 3! Week 4 was our mini-milestone round. Which basically meant we had to redo the fitness tests we did prior to…

  • Humour

    Cat-people versus Dog-people

      Infographic from Mindjet Why does there even have to be a battle between the two? Let’s explore it a bit further, shall we? I was always a dog-person. Ever since…

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