Book Review: Primal

…by D. A. Serra.


Alison Kraft is a mother and a school teacher. She lives in a small country town with her husband Hank and 9 year old son Jimmy. As part of Jimmy’s birthday gift, they go camping as per his wishes. Something Alison isn’t too keen about or cut out for but willing to do as part of the family. However, they don’t get too far with their plans. As they arrive at the camping site and meet the other campers, they have some uninvited guests. The Burne brothers: Ben, who has escaped from prison, Kent, Theo, and Gravel. They are psychopaths. And ready to kill anyone who gets in the way.

It is up to Alison to try and save her family. Her son.

But can she do what it takes to help them survive?

And at what cost?

Primal is a thriller about survival and using our primitive instincts to do so. It is about revenge. And how sometimes when everything is at stake, our basic instincts are all we can rely on. And only the fittest survive.

The book was an interesting and quick read. The build up of the suspense is great and keeps you gripped and on the edge throughout the book. The book has been bought as a screenplay to be made into a movie by James Cameron. And I must admit, it reads more like a movie than a book. I had one gripe and that was with the writing style. The book is written in the present tense as if things are happening right before your eyes. And I wasn’t a fan of that style. The character of Alison is well developed and even if you are not a mother, you can identify with her pain and terror. One thing is for sure — you will be hooked.

If you like a good thriller, I’d recommend this book.

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***This book has been reviewed as part of Premier Virtual Author Book tours. An e-book was provided by the author for this purpose. The review is entirely my opinion of the book.***

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