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Snack attack: Lavosh Bites

This is brought to you by Kurrajong Kitchen

The Christmas season is all about one thing in my opinion: food.

Barely 3 weeks into December and I’m full. So anyway, as per tradition here, we have lunches. And dinners. And get-togethers. All involving food. As part of work, we had one lunch at a restaurant. But there were two other lunches (different teams, people working different days etc) that were ones where each person brought a plate to share. And then I had one with my friends over the weekend which was a picnic.

It gave me a good chance to try out the Lavosh Bites by Kurrajong Kitchen I was given to review. These were the types I was given:

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

Lavosh bites are basically thin crunchy bread made from a Middle-Eastern recipe. And of course, they go great with cheese and dips. My absolute favourites!! I apologise for not taking pictures of the actual pieces…we just dug into the food. I really liked the Soy and Linseed Lavosh bites and the Sesame and sea salt shepherd’s bread. They were great on their own as well as with cheese {sweet, chilli, brie} and dips {spinach, olive}. The Original one was a bit bland for my friends and me on its own but went really well with one of the sweeter cheeses {apricot and almond}. Somehow that made a good mix. A few things I learnt about these: they are baked, not fried {I always love that} yeast and egg-free and they are all-natural with no added preservatives. You can get them at Coles and Woolworths for $3.49.

So there you go. When you plan to entertain this holiday season or have to take in something to work for a morning or afternoon tea, try out these Lavosh bites. They are almost guilt-free. {I say ‘almost’ because the cheese and dip you have with it probably isn’t!}

As for me, I might be having this while watching the Boxing Day test and the New Year’s test. Best cricket snack idea! 🙂

What’s your favourite snack while watching the cricket?

***I was offered a sample of the products (pictured) to review and keep for myself. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. The views here are entirely my opinion and honest. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the brand***

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