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January 2013

    Books Giveaway

    Book Review and Giveaway: Deep Connections

    …by Rebecca Graf. Brenna is a high school English teacher in the small town of Whitewater. An orphan, and reasonably new to the town, she befriends Tahnee whose son Layford is in Breanna’s class. As Brenna is caught between the affections of two men, Slaton, Tahnee’s older son, and Eaton, a police officer, she is also in the sights of someone more sinister. Someone who is stalking her and biding his time to have her to himself. Brenna realises she…

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  • Gratitude

    Some people are just nice

    Monday Morning. Public holiday here in Australia. I wake up late after a night out celebrating my friend J’s 30th birthday. Went to the gym. Got home. Took a shower. Turned…

  • Life

    Happy ‘Stralya Day

    Yes it’s Australia Day. Just one of the many days in the year where I am thankful for being an Australian and grateful for all this country has to offer. I…

  • Life

    Dating Diary – First edition

    First and foremost, a message to my mum: Mum, I know you read my blog religiously. Can I please ask you to NOT worry about the stuff written in this series?…

  • Poetry

    Out of Control

    The thoughts in my head Are out of control They consume me completely Body and soul I can’t think straight Can’t focus on a task Getting anything done Is a really…

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