Sun, sand and sea

I am filled with gratitude that I live in a wonderful part of Sydney. A 5 minute walk to the river. A 20 minute drive to an amazing National Park and 10 minutes to another. It’s not too far from the city. And yet, nicely tucked away and needing you to cross a bridge to enter from either side.

And most importantly for me, I live a 10 minute drive away from the beach. A beach that is not as crowded as the touristy spots of Bondi and Manly. A beach that I can choose to go to on a whim if it’s a warm day.

Like this morning.

It’s a beautiful day today. Clear skies. 29 degrees. So I took myself down to the beach after a workout at the gym. Enjoyed a couple of swims interspersed with lazing on the sand and reading. After almost 2.5 hours, I left {only because I was hungry and had chores waiting at home!}. I love that I can leave my bag on the sand and swim without worrying about anyone stealing anything. People seem to look out for one another here.

I realise that because this is home, I don’t actually take as many pictures as I probably would if it wasn’t. But I still want to leave you with some that I have taken.

Cronulla beach

Close up


Walking towards the sea


Yet another walk

It will be 3 years and 5 months tomorrow since I moved to this area of Sydney. I feel blessed to live here. To call this place home.

Until next time,


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