Book Review: Against my Will

…by Benjamin Berkley.



29 year old Danielle Landau is getting married. Except, unlike most brides, she is unhappy on her wedding day. Because she realises she doesn’t love the man she is about to marry and who seems to have rushed things in a few months. Danielle has gone from not wanting to date Jacob to marrying him despite not really being in love with him. Because, you see, that’s what good girls do. They make their parents and every one else around them happy forgetting their own happiness. Post-marriage things take a turn and Jacob’s true colours are revealed. However, Danielle’s father does not support her leaving her with no choice. She has to escape and leave her job as a lawyer and her family to re-start her life. With the support and blessings of her grandmother, she moves from New York to LA and tries to rebuild her life. One step at a time.

But will the trauma of what Jacob did to her against her will ever go away?

And what is the connection between Danielle’s present and her grandmother’s past in a concentration camp?

When I got this book, I was very interested to read how a male author would present issues like domestic violence and marital rape from a woman’s point of view especially as the book is narrated by Danielle. I wasn’t disappointed. Berkley has done justice to Danielle and to the Jews who had to endure brutality at the hands of the Nazis. The manner in which he portrays Danielle’s reactions and horror are wonderfully done. Your heart goes out to her and you want to see her win. You can feel her frustration with her father for not understanding her. You can feel the angst and turmoil of having to live up to certain expectations and not complain about it. Time and again, as women, we are told to adapt. To compromise. To give in. And consequently, several women go through what Danielle does without uttering a single word against it. Because that’s what good girls do. The only complaint I suppose I have is that Jacob did not suffer enough! 😛

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