The kindness of strangers

Every now and then there are moments in my life where I meet people who amaze me. They make me seriously question my cynicism about the world {which, to be honest, has reduced a lot this year!!}. I had one such moment this morning.

Image Source: Here

Image Source: Here

I left home around 8 a.m. to go to the gym. Yes, I refuse to miss it even if it is a public holiday. {I wasn’t as insane though to wake up at 4 like I usually do}. Anyway, got in my car and got out on to the street. And I heard this weird rattling sound from the back of my car. Which had me a bit worried especially as this Sunday, I’m supposed to be driving up to the Central Coast for a bush walk and am responsible for taking a few other people in my car. I then put it down to my wonky rear window and let it go.

I was waiting at the set of lights at the end of my street when a man came up to my window and knocked on it.

I rolled my window down.

For him to tell me that I had a flat tyre.

I got out of the car and my rear left tyre was flat. And had been the source of the rattling.

This would happen on a public holiday!

I wasn’t sure if I’d renewed my membership with roadside assistance but figured I could drive back to my unit a couple of minutes away when the man asked me if I had a spare. I said I did. Well, I was pretty sure I did. And I knew for a fact that I had a jack. He told me I couldn’t drive anywhere with the flat tyre and offered to change it for me.

And change it he did.

Because even though yours truly can do a lot of handiwork around the house and put furniture together, when it comes to cars, I have no frigging clue.

He changed my flat tyre after going and getting some screwdrivers from his garage. While he was changing it, another elderly gentleman joined us to see what was going on. And offered me advice to get the now flat tyre changed first thing tomorrow as well as where I could get that done quickly. In the process, I also picked up how to change a tyre. I think.

I was deeply indebted to this gentleman who helped me. Idiot that I am, I didn’t ask his name. But I did thank him for helping out a stranger.

It’s people like these that make the world we live in a much better place.

And I for one, an extremely thankful for people like him.

***Linking up with Thankful Thursday over at Six by the Bay. Because moments like these really need to be shared***

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