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Birds of Tokyo live at The Hi-Fi

On Thursday I went to see Birds of Tokyo perform at the Hi-Fi. I’ve been obsessed with them since about February this year having their albums on repeat on my drive to and from work. This despite having one of their albums for over a couple of years. I missed my friend C who I normally go to rock concerts with…she’s moved to London. But at the same time, I had a rocking time.


Precious ticket

I love the Hi-Fi as a venue. It’s a small venue with standing room only. And for rock concerts, who wants to sit?!

BOT performed some of their older numbers which I think were better received than their recent album…they seem to have gone a bit mellow with March Fires and I prefer their first few albums…they were more raw and definitely a lot more rocking. Let’s just say I was stoked they played a few of my favourites including The Gap, Broken Bones, Silhouettic, Black sheets, Wild eyed boy, Plans…

Can I just say one thing: I’m in love with Ian Kenny!

And I had a pretty good view of him during the entire concert…

Yes it's Ian Kenny

Yes it’s Ian Kenny


And he's hot!

And he’s hot









So yes, it was a great concert and even though it meant I got home at 1 in the morning and missed the gym the next day and was pretty much caffeinated all of Friday to function, it was so worth it! Β I can’t wait for another concert of theirs. But I do hope they revert back to their old style for their next album.

Are you listening guys??

Until next time,


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