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June 2013


    July Photo-a-day Challenge

    Having successfully completed the challenge for June I am feeling enthusiastic about the July challenge and am keen to give it a go. Hopefully I can complete it this month too. The prompts courtesy Chantelle are here:   So it kicks off tomorrow and you can follow my photos via Instagram or Twitter {@psychbabbler} or Facebook. I’ll put a complete wrap-up post at the end of the month on the blog. Anyone else joining in on the July challenge?  Leave…

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  • Life

    June Photo-a-day Challenge: Wrap Up

    In case you were following this blog or my Instagram photos, you probably know that I have been participating in the June Photo-a-day challenge created by Chantelle. I must say I’m…

  • Life

    My week according to Instagram: 9th edition

      (1) Beautiful falls during a bushwalk around the Wentworth Falls loop in the Blue Mountains on Sunday (2) My Karnivool tickets arrived in the mail! Exciting times! Anyone else going?…

  • Humour

    Wanted: New Friends

    Essential Criteria: Must be available at least one weekend a month to have a night out. Getting drunk not essential. Must love food. Must enjoy rock music and know about The…

  • Life

    My week according to Instagram: 8th edition

      (1) Outfit of the day: Going on a coastal bushwalk on Sunday (2) End of the walk at Hardy’s Bay. Couldn’t resist taking that shot. (3) Dinner with friends: grilled…

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