My week according to Instagram: 6th edition


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(1) My outfit on Monday to work. Bright and red. Sometimes you need that to lift your spirits.

(2) Made an attempt at bouldering following some rock climbing this night.

(3) A Chocolate mousse cake for a colleague’s birthday. We dug in pretty quickly!

(4) Trying to rejuvenate myself on my sick day at home with a cup of tea and a book.

(5) In the end I decided to nap with the kitties keeping me company.

(6) Banana cake for yet another colleague’s birthday.

(7) Some of us went out to lunch on Friday. Lebanese food. Yummy much?!

(8) My new flatmate baked cupcakes. They were amazing!

(9) Thank God it’s Friday! A much needed glass of wine for yours truly.

(10) Sitting down to make use of my Blogger dump pad. In other words, a things-to-do list purely for blogging. It’s been created by the lovely Miranti over at Pen & Peplum and you can find it in her store.

(11) Buttons is curled up with flatmate on the couch as we watch some telly on Saturday night. We are fun like that!

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