My week according to Instagram: 11th edition

MWATI: 14th July to 20th July

MWATI: 14th July to 20th July

(1) Off to Port Stephens. But first, fuelling up with a skim cappuccino and a muffin from Checkpoint Charlie Espresso Bar {Their coffee is amazing!!}

(2) My room at the motel. Not too shabby.

(3) I stayed 5 minutes from this: Nelson Bay beach.

(4) I love the sound of the waves…something so mesmerising about them. This one is at Fingal Bay.

(5) Lunch: burger and chips. Not very healthy but my excuse was that I was on holidays. And I didn’t eat out every day!

(6) Saw some of these geese on one of my walks.

(7) Yeah…that scary looking eye is mine. Bloodshot thanks to inflammed sinuses that lasted till about Wednesday.

(8) Gorgeous day for a coastal bushwalk. This one at Tomaree National Park.

(9) Port Stephens from a lookout.

(10) Shimmering seas. Glorious.

(11) I was heading towards those for a bushwalk at Hawks Nest when I was warned by a local about hungry dingoes and adders in that area. Needless to say, I headed back. Not too fond of being killed!

(12) That was the result of the same local’s overenthusiastic Labrador trying to headbutt lick me. My spare glasses are in Sydney!

(13) I loved this walk along the beach at Hawks Nest.



MWATI: 14th July to 20th July

(14) Enjoyed the sunshine and the view while reading outdoors and waiting for the ferry.

(15) Dressed up for a dinner date with myself.

(16) Started my date with a drink of Tooheys New. Nothing like a good beer to kick things off!

(17) Dinner at Flipped burgers. It was delicious!

(18) Happy Friday from Nelson Bay beach!

(19) Happy Friday walking along the esplanade.

(20) Waiting to go whale watching.

(21) On the cruise in the middle of the ocean.

(22) Having a cappuccino back on shore at Nice at Nelson Bay.

(23) Lunch at Nice at Nelson Bay: Turkish bread with chicken and pesto and a side salad. Reasonably healthy, methinks!

(24) Starting to head back to Sydney. But first, a large cappuccino to kick off the drive!

(25) Hello Sydney! Thanks for the sunshine!

(26) Two excited kitties! It’s good to be home.

You can follow me for these photos and more on Instagram: @psychbabbler. I’ll also be posting about my trip to Port Stephens in the coming week. Stay tuned!

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