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August 2013

    Life lessons

    Personality and Jobs – Finding the perfect match

    This post is brought to you by Randstad Recruitment Agency.  When I was in primary school,  I wanted to become a teacher. I practised day and night with my reluctant enthusiastic family. Things changed a few years later. I wanted to become a journalist. A sports journalist. Only to realise that as an introvert who was a tad anxious around public speaking and new people, this profession was probably not the best option. Fortunately for me, I found psychology. Even though…

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  • Life


    I’m a bit shaken up as I write this. I have a glass of red wine to help. Something I don’t do during the week. Because an hour and a half…

  • Blogging

    What makes a successful blogger?

    How do you know if you are ‘successful’ as a blogger? Is it when you have more than 10000 unique visitors to your site? Is it when you receive about 50+…

  • Out and About

    Theatre time: Indian Embrace

      Last night I watched ‘Indian Embrace‘ at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta. It was my first time at this venue and I must say, I was highly impressed. Indian Embrace…

  • Out and About

    Wordless Wednesday: On top of the world

    Not-so-wordless: Spent the past weekend in Kiama and climbed Mount Kiera on Saturday with friends. These were just some of the incredible and awesome moments. ***Linking up with My Little Drummer…

  • Out and About

    Theatre Time: Freud’s Last Session

    On Thursday night, I watched ‘Freud’s Last Session‘ at Theatre Royal after being provided with 2 tickets for the same. Went along with my friend M who is also a psychologist. Having…

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