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I have been blogging for almost 7 years and it’s time for a change. I felt a bit of an itch last month and well, I took the plunge and made the change. ‘Over Cups of Coffee’ has now changed to Living my Imperfect Life.

Over Cups of Coffee remains close to my heart given my love for coffee. But I feel like I have grown in so many ways and the blog too has grown. Especially in the last couple of years. To that end, I felt my space needed to reflect more of who I am. And while I continue to be a coffee snob and continue to plan on writing about my {mis}adventures and everything that takes my fancy, a name-change felt right. I have become way more comfortable with being imperfect, especially after an epiphany late last year. That, along with my motto to live my life to the fullest and well, everything my new tattoo represents led me to come up with this name for my blog: Living my Imperfect Life…one delightful adventure at a time. 

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I will continue to blog about my creative writing, my work, my passions {psychology, mental health, hiking, fitness, food, feminism, books…} and of course, my daily life. I will continue to have ‘Living Life‘ as my niche. And I will continue to engage better with bloggers across the globe. The logo for the blog was designed by my ever-creative little sister and is a recreation of my tattoo. The other big change is that in addition to the blog name, I am no longer going with ‘Psych Babbler‘. I have decided to use part of my real name. It’s scary but I figure it’s only part of my actual name so it should still be ok as far as clients finding me goes.

I need to thank Janet for helping me out with some links at the beginning and how to go about the process of changing the name and domain. She also followed up her advice to me with a great blog post on the same issue. Do read it if you are thinking along these lines! The only thing I didn’t follow {as I was excited and did it before emailing her} was creating a new Facebook page. Which means, I need to ask you to ‘Like’ the page if you want to be kept up to date with me Living my Imperfect Life. Apart from Janet, I also need to thank my housemate Z‘s boyfriend, B. He helped with the final techie stuff of migration. And did it in a few minutes! Wish I had those skills!

So anyway, I know it’s a bit of a hassle that I’ve kind of moved and that you are going to have to update your readers, Feedly etc. But I promise to be more engaging than I have been in the past month and if you’d still like to read about my adventures, well, you don’t have far to go!

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