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Travel Tales: Hobart, Bruny Island and Port Arthur

Once we completed the Overland Track, we were picked up in the afternoon from Lake St. Clair and taken to Hobart. We’d booked a house in Hobart as one of us had a Land Rover. After getting to the house at about 8 p.m. the first thing most of us wanted to do was shower. Eight people. One bathroom. But we managed. We then cooked up a feast for dinner with some of the group going to the shops for meat, salad, cheese and of course, alcohol. We barbecued and cooked and then ate and drank our way into the night. {This was just the beginning of the cheese and alcohol!}

The next day, we hit Hobart town centre. Some of the group ended up going to Mona museum. I wasn’t part of that group. Instead, with the others, I spent some time in the city checking out the markets and shops, and then making my way to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It was spectacularly beautiful. We also managed to spend late afternoon at Salamanca Place. I got sucked into a few book stores that day and purchased 6 books. So much for my plan last year to not buy any new books until I read the 90-odd books on my shelf! By the end of that day, three of our group left for Sydney leaving only five of us.


Beautiful architecture in the middle of Hobart



View of the Derwent river from the Botanic gardens



Flowers in the gardens



Beautiful white flower


Duck in the Japanese garden section

Duck in the Japanese garden section



Later that night, we drove up to Mount Wellington to capture some shots of the sunset. To say it was cold about 1200 metres above sea level was an understatement! But it was a beautiful sight!

Sunset from Mount Wellington

Sunset from Mount Wellington


You can't have too many sunsets

You can’t have too many sunsets

The next day, we headed to Bruny Island which is south of Hobart. Bruny Island is pretty big and we drove from one end of the island to the other stopping at a few points for a lookout and some lunch. We finished off Bruny Island with a visit to the lighthouse at the southernmost tip of the continent. Next stop is pretty much Antarctica.


A lookout



Gorgeous white beach





After leaving Bruny Island, we headed back home with plans to visit Port Arthur the next day. The other two members of the group left for Sydney that morning leaving JC, G and meΒ in the Land Rover. Port Arthur was great. I loved the history of the place and the ancient buildings. I was mesmerised by the architecture just as I had been in the city of Hobart. We spent most morning and early afternoon there taking in the history and a gazillion photos.


Port Arthur gaol



The church



Finally we headed back home to prepare to leave Hobart the next day and thereby embark on our road trip back to Sydney. But to hear that, you have to wait for another post!

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