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An afternoon snack the Easiyo way

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Some of you might know that I am back on the healthy wagon after my return from holidays. One of the things I do when I’m healthy is eat more often. Yes, you read that right. I make sure I eat more regularly but smaller portions and of course, healthier meals. I eat about 5 times a day. There are 3 main meals {breakfast, lunch and dinner} and two snacks. For my snacks, I have a serving a fruit both in the morning and arvo and a serving of vegetable in the morning. I also have a serving of dairy in the afternoon. While occasionally that might involve a coffee, most of the time, it’s yogurt.

I love my yogurt and I generally have plain unsweetened no-fat yogurts. I was very excited to find out about Easiyo which helps me make my own yogurt. It’s probably the easiest way possible to make yogurt and takes me back to the days when my mum would make her own {without the yogurt maker}.


For our first yogurt with Easiyo, we chose to make the Pineapple with Coconut bites. All we had to do was empty the contents of the sachet into the yogurt container and add some tepid water to it. We shake it and then add some more water till the top of the container. We had to add boiling water into the red yogurt maker and put the yogurt container with the pineapple yogurt mix in it.

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We then left it for 24 hours {although you can leave it for 12} and voila! There was 1 litre of an afternoon snack for me. And possibly dessert on some nights too! Yes, it was that delicious!


It really was that easy. I’m thinking of trying the blueberry yogurt next and saving the unsweetened Greek yogurt for last. Easiyo assure me though that there are no added preservatives and it’s all natural. That way, I’m definitely sticking to my diet.

What’s your favourite yogurt flavour? 

Do share!

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