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May 2017


    Life isn’t easy

    When you are young, you have hopes and dreams for your life. You dream about going to university, getting a degree. That’s usually followed by getting a job you love. Somewhere along the way, you hope you fall in love with that special someone, maybe have a family with them and grow old together. Sometimes though, these remain dreams. The reality, which no one warns you about, is quite different. Sure you might work hard, go through university or college…

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  • Life

    Lucky numbers #FridayReflections

    I am not a big believer in astrology or horoscopes or most superstitions. However, my grandfather was always a big believer. As a teenager, I pooh-poohed a lot of what he…

  • Poetry


    Something is waiting for me outside – It beckons with a creepy smile Covered in black, it chills me, making my insides swirl; As the bile rises, my throat feels choked,…

  • All about the mind


    I stare into the future. I cannot see a thing. There are paths. Several of them. They intertwine, crossover, go straight and wind around. They confuse me. I realise with a…

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