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August 2017

    Flash Fiction

    The Gift

    ‘No one remembers,’ thought Liz, when she opened the door and saw the gifts. Her eyes lit up at the sight of the pretty boxes wrapped in coloured paper topped with bows and ribbons. She chose the smallest box, unwrapped it while taking care not to rip the paper. In it was a silver necklace with a locket carrying a photo of her hugging the two most important adults in her life. As her eyes welled up, her foster parents…

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  • Life

    A sight for sore eyes #FridayReflections

    Mother Nature is amazing. The last few days, I’ve been awestruck by the changes in the sky at dawn and twilight. There’s the fiery orange of the sky when the sun…

  • Writing

    Dear Reader #writebravely

    Dear Reader, Yes, you. You who are right now reading this very post. You may have only just popped over this week or you might be someone who has been following…

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