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September 2017


    Longing #FridayReflections

    I have been going on walks this week instead of the gym. I’ve been emotionally exhausted and sleeping in a bit more as a result. It’s nice walking sometimes. One thing I’ve noticed whether I walk in the morning or the evening, is that everyone else who walks, has a dog. Yes, I seem to be the only one without a dog. And it really sucks. Because I feel really quite lonely. I’ve been contemplating getting a dog. I’ve even…

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  • Life

    Bush or Beach

    Before I came to Australia, I always knew it was the land of beaches. After all, every cricket tour to Australia highlighted the sparkling blue waters in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and…

  • Flash Fiction

    The bicycle #FridayReflections

    Romila opened the door for the children and greeted them with her shy smile. They dropped their bags in the hallway, leaving it for her to tidy up. As they changed…

  • Flash Fiction

    Alone Together #FridayReflections

    Their eyes met across the classroom. She, at the front, under the teacher’s nose. He, at the back, by the window. He grinned at her. She smiled before turning her back.…

  • Flash Fiction

    Final steps

    My throat constricts at the leviathan task ahead. I scribble the last sentence on my note, seal the envelope and place it beside the empty bottle of pills. The dangling rope…

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