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I have been going on walks this week instead of the gym. I’ve been emotionally exhausted and sleeping in a bit more as a result. It’s nice walking sometimes. One thing I’ve noticed whether I walk in the morning or the evening, is that everyone else who walks, has a dog. Yes, I seem to be the only one without a dog. And it really sucks. Because I feel really quite lonely.

I’ve been contemplating getting a dog. I’ve even gone and looked at some. But I just cannot bring myself to get one. For one thing, the cats would be upset. They rule the roost and while I’m sure they’d put a dog in its place, I still feel like after all I put them through in the last twelve months, getting a dog would just annoy them.

Then there’s the type of dog. As much as I’d love to rescue a dog from the shelter, I will need one that is okay with cats. And most adult dogs who haven’t been brought up with cats might not be okay. Plus I’m a bit picky about the breed. So far, I’ve fallen  in love with either a Schnoodle {schnauzer x poodle}, a Cavoodle {king charles cavalier x poodle}, a Cockalier {king charles cavalier x cocker spaniel} or a toy poodle or a Schnauzer. These breeds are good apartment dogs too should I decide to move back to Sydney plus they are low shedding. However, they are high maintenance in that they require grooming. And finally, they cost a bomb to buy from registered breeders! I actually saw some Schnoodles the other day and they cost $3000. I cannot justify that at the moment.

Some days I wish I’d trained my cats to walk on a leash. I’m sure Pebbles is still open to being trained but then I wonder what it’d look like if I took her to walk in the park where I go for walks. And what would happen if she encountered all these dogs I see. Something tells me she might not cope.

I yearn for a dog because I want company outside of home too. I love my cats but they are my company and comfort within the house. When I’m outside, while I have no issues being alone, it does get hard around this time of the year. When everyone is holidaying with family and friends. Or when they seem to have the company of a beloved pet wherever they go.

But am I just putting a bandaid on a problem by getting a dog? Is it just an illusion that everything is okay on the surface when deep down, it’s not.

I know financially I won’t be able to afford a dog any time soon.

But it doesn’t stop me from yearning for one.

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