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December 1, 2017

    Flash Fiction

    Complicit #FridayReflections

    ‘Jack is being inappropriate,’ she said to her team leader. ‘Jack touched my breasts,’ said the secretary to the CEO. ‘Jack was rude, called me a bitch and pinched my bum,’ said the intern to her supervisor. ‘Don’t mind him,’ said the team leader, CEO and supervisor. ‘He’s eccentric but harmless.’ Today, Jack faces charges for assaulting and harassing over one hundred women. His old male colleagues claim they knew nothing. <div align="center"><a href="https://www.sanchwrites.com" rel="nofollow" title="Living my Imperfect Life"><img src="https://i680.photobucket.com/albums/vv170/psychbabbler/06fe3679-4c56-4a29-b8b4-6573ccd1cb99_zpsofy7mxws.jpg"…

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